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Will my stored possessions really be safe?

I ask what are you storing and for how long.

A SAFE PLACE HAS STORED FINE Antiques for up to seven years and they have come out just they way they were put into storage. The important thing to remember about storing anything is preparation. You would not put you freshly made sandwich in your refrigerator without wrapping it first, would you? Then it is the same with storage of your possessions. Those plastic/ Rubbermaid storage bins are ideal to protect just about anything. clothes, bedding etc. and make packing and moving really easy.

Have you ever seen in the old movies when people return to their summer homes, and all the furniture is covered in sheets? Well fast forward to the 21 century and when you buy any new furniture, it is wrapped in brown paper, and then plastic wrap. Most movers can prepare your furniture for storage, and that extra protection is much better than any so called "climate controlled" storage. Almost all of the so called climate controlled storage in this area, is just barely heated in the winter to say 35 or 40 degrees and not air-conditioned or cooled in the summer. You are pay a premium monthly rent, when all you need to do is pay a little more attention and money before storing.. If you are storing for any length of time, say 8 months or longer , prepare you furniture and possessions for storage , and it will help to protect it, which just makes common sense. Have your mover wrap your upholstered furniture and it will come out of storage, just the way you stored it.

What about climate control?

Here in Vermont we do not experience 6 months of extremely hot and humid weather. We may have a week or two here and there, not of a heat wave of 3-6 months. As long as your furniture was not put into storage while it was pouring down rain, humidity is not a threat. Our buildings have a vapor barrier under the cement floor to prevent moisture coming up through the cement. Have you ever seen a garage floor in other states, CT, NY, MD, FL the hot summer months, sweat? Our 4' thick,cement floors do not sweat, and stay pretty dry due to this vapor barrier. If you see a facility with painted floors, beware— their floors may be prone to sweating! A SAFE PLACE also has insulation in the roofs to prevent condensation moisture.

Do you rent tractor trailer truck bodies or old shipping containers?

Tractor trailer bodies and old shipping container that may have been used to haul toxic waste or even garbage at one point in their lives, do not have vapor barriers or insulation or ventilation. This type of storage option, will bake you possessions, as they have extremely high interior temperatures in the summer. Plus do you really want one of these UGLY things in your yard? Well in my opinion that is an accident waiting to happen, What if you or your neighbor has a fire and that shipping container is in the way of the fire fighters who come to save you or your neighbors home?>

A SAFE PLACE self storage buildings, have metal interior wall that go to within 8 inches of the roof , to allow air flow and prevent someone in the next unit form seeing what you have stored.

A SAFE PLACE supports many local charities and pays property taxes. Currently in Vermont there is no property tax on these tractor trailer bodies or old shipping containers. So you may get them for a cheaper price, but you end up making up the difference in your own property taxes.

What about security and a lock?

Vermont enjoys a relatively low crime rate, people are not out there looking to break into a storage unit to steal someone's couch! Fences are designed to prevent dead beat tenants from moving out in the middle of the night without paying their past due rent. Fences and gates really only keep out dogs, and children under three! Any man or woman can scale a fence and cut a lock.

I helped put of storage building over in Scotia New York for self storage facility called the Lock Up. The owner was a contractor who took down the old jail and used the cell doors as part of his fencing, He had security cameras, an 8' tall fence all around the buildings and jail cell bar doors every twenty feet or so. Sound pretty secure huh? Well the thieves just went to the rear of the property, cut a hole in the fence and then cut some locks and stole some snowmobiles and motorcycles. So much for the LOCK UP! In California, some facilities have fences, guards dogs, and cameras, the thieves rent a a space, watch where the high end things are stored for months on end and drive in, wave to guard on their way in and out and steal people blind! So what I am saying? Anyone who really wants to steal from you will figure out a way to do so.

A SAFE PLACE provides our tenants at the East Dorset Facility with a free round protector type lock that cannot be cut. Locks keep honest people honest period.

A SAFE PLACE self storage in Manchester is at the end of Clyde's Way, tucked out of sight and not subject to break ins. Why would anyone keep their family jewels and extremely valuable possessions in a self storage unit??

Can I store my car, motorcycle, snowmobile?
Yes. A SAFE PLACE allows vehicle storage ask about out car, motorcycle, and snowmobile storage special rates.

Is it ok to store Art work?
The best way to store art work is to have each painting wrapped and prepared for storage by your mover or an art gallery. But for short term a month or two art work would be fine.

Do I need to buy or bring my own lock?
A SAFE PLACE self storage provides a FREE Lock when you rent a space. when you move out, please return the lock and both keys.

What do I do when I vacate my self storage space? When ready to vacate, after you remove all you possessions, please sweep your unit clean and do not leave anything in the space! Then please take the lock that I provided you, and BOTH KEYS and place them in an envelope, or tape a note onto the lock, alerting me that you have vacated the space. PLEASE make sure your name and unit number are on the envelope or note somewhere. Or just tape your last statement to the lock! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE LOCK ON YOUR STORAGE SPACE. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR UNMARKED KEYS INTO THE U-HAUL KEY DROP BOX! PLEASE TAKE THE LOCK AND BOTH KEYS AND PLACE THEM INSIDE THE BLACK MAILBOX LOCATED OUTSIDE EACH OFFICE DOOR and call me to let me know the space is now empty!

Do you know of any local movers?
A SAFE PLACE recommends Manchester Movers, 802-362-2163

What about moving helpers?
Manchester Movers: 802-362-2163
Eric Hill: 802-375-6925
Dave Vonachen: 802-558-6686